I made tools; you should use; there’s no excuse. If you don’t; I don’t care; it’s still my success to declare.

Some people in the program verification community seem to treat tools as solutions: “Because I invented a verification tool, you should have used it. You didn’t use it? Well, that’s your problem, but I am still successful because the whole ‘research’ problem has been solved.”

Verification is a heavy tool. Don’t tell people to use it just because it has been invented. It is an essential part of researchers’ responsibility to tell them where exactly to use it and convince them why they should. (BTW, this job is perhaps beyond the verification community’s reach, and falls into systems researchers’ scope.) An oil rig “can” get oil from the earth, but people won’t blindly use such a heavy tool everywhere. They need a geologist to tell them where to drill, with convincing evidences that there is indeed oil underneath. The geologist does not build the oil rig (he/she probably doesn’t even care about the oil rig), but I would certainly call his/her work important research.

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